Huahine, Tahiti
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Huahine, with its lush forests and untamed landscape, is Polynesia's best-kept secret.

Lulled by the rhythm of the ocean waves and the legend of Hiro, the giant demigod of thieves who cut the island - in two with his canoe, Huahine-Nui (the big island), and Huahine-Iti, (the small island), lie dormant on a bed of coral. Huahine, also called "Woman Island", overflows with a savage allure that makes exceptionally attractive: her velvet slopes draped in exuberant tropical vegetation, her mirror-like lagoon reflecting the phosphorescent coral formations that lay scattered in their silent abode and her numerous snowy white sand beaches that envelope her in virginal modesty. It takes three and a half hours to go around the island, a mystical tour due to a tormented relief. Rich in archaeological relics such as traditional dwellings and "maraes" (traditional temples built for sacrifices in honor of the gods), the island still vibrates from a mysterious past. A visit to the temple of Orohaehae or of the sacred lake of the ancient wizard kings is a wonderful occasion for the visitor to experience the untouched and enchanting authenticity of Huahine.

Fare, the main village located on Huahine-Nui and rooted in ancient Polynesian lifestyle, looks asleep in the shade of "badamier" (local chestnut tree) and acacia trees, awakening upon the arrival of cruise ships and cargo-schooners from Papeete.

The inhabitants welcome visitors as they experience the aromas of vanilla, coconuts, bananas, watermelons and even melons, while fresh colorful fish from the lagoon hang from the trees.

With some of the most hospitable people in the Pacific, Huahine is a tranquil paradise which retains the best of old Polynesia.

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