Tahitian Black Pearls
Tahitian Black PearlsThe warm waters of the South Seas for many thousands of years have nurtured a great marvel, the "Pinctada margaritifera", Cumingi variety, named for the biologist who classified it in 1820. This mother of pearl is unique due to its exceptionally pure lagoon habitat which brings out an incomparable natural color range that is passed on to cultured pearls as well, thereby creating real jewels. Tahitian pearls have become a symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the world. Whether perfectly round, romantically pear-shaped, baroque or modern, of shimmering green known as "fly's wing", aubergine, blue-tinged, reddish-bronze, pinkish or more simply just steel gray, they have an iridescent luster that charms the eye. Every visitor desires to take home a Tahitian pearl as a souvenir, as the symbol of those fleeting and unforgettable moments spent on vacation in the South Seas. Every woman has always had the secret wish to possess a pearl, the pearl, the jewel of the thousand and one nights, that contains a touch of magic, symbolizing great charm and perfection.

For visitors who wish to discover the secrets of Tahitian pearls, a visit to one of the pearl farms on the island of Taha'a or on one of the low islands in the Tuamotu is an experience not to be missed.

The value of black pearls ranges from $100 for a small pearl of average quality to up to $10,000 for a round pearl of perfect quality with a diameter of 18mm.